How to: nao's pronouns

Someone once asked "How in the heck do I refer to nao?" It is really simple actually!

and yes, you've stumbled upon YET ANOTHER weirdo with "pronouns"! we definitely exist!

This one is an "it/its" creature! It will commonly refer to itself in 3rd person, and would like others to try the same. Some phrases are hard to switch to 3rd person, such as "thank you!", and other times "you" is just easier!

If one and nao are close, they can also use the second person to refer to it directly; however, this is only permitted if one is close to it (as in they're mutuals and they had more than one participated conversation with it.)

nao is aware of the difficulty it's asking: if one is unsure, they can refer to nao without personalized pronouns.

How does one refer to nao?

The following sections "expand" into examples of use. These examples assume the reader uses first person pronouns to self-refer.

Please use:


Imagine that nao is a helpful witch. It just fixed a doll. It was very considerate!

(in place of "she"): It wrote a story I enjoyed... I wonder what its up to today.

(in place of "you"): Thanks for its service!


Imagine that nao is "not around" (even when it is) and one needs to refer to it.

(in place of "she"): We all know how stubborn nao can be, even if it doesn't really want to confess to it.

(in place of "you"): Good evening! How was nao's day?

this one/that one/one/onesself

Imagine that nao is more of a concept or a thing in a place, able to be pointed at.
As a rule of thumb, keep the "this" vs "that" consistent throughout a sentence; this and that aren't the same things.

(in place of "she"): That one is a weirdo.
This one called me cute and now I am melting... awawa

(in place of "you"): This one is a nuisance!
That one should go to sleep.

What if depersonalizing nao is too difficult?

It is okay, silly creature! Everyone gets free passes until they can confidently use nao's preferred pronouns.

This one goes by traditional "she/her" in Italian. It also goes by traditional "she/her" and "they/them" in English.

Be aware though: nao will likely treat you professionally if you use those (unless you're speaking Italian.)

How will nao refer to itself?

It will usually speak as if it is not onesself, such as in third person.
This one will refer to itself as it has in this entire page. Sometimes, it will do some creative things to ensure the point gets across, like stripping beginning pronouns ("I went to the..." becomes "Went to the...").

nao will sometimes refer to itself in first person (by the use of "I", "me", "we", "us"). this is normal, and it stems from the fact it is difficult for nao to immediately switch to 1pp for thing-to-human interaction to 3pp for thing-to-other interaction; however, nao will refer to itself in 1pp on purpose sometimes:

This page was heavily inspired (and mostly stolen) by (from) noe's pronouns page. thanks noe!