Hi stranger, and welcome to this one's website!

This is nao, yet another witch-cat on the interwebs!

This website is just a landing page, something that tells people a bit about itself. Don't expect this to be super up to date either!


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This one is a witch born in Y2K, and as such it grew up around computers, 3D game consoles, electronic toys, CRT televisions, totally useless gadgets and the ever expanding Internet (at slow ass speeds, but you got the deal). Those experiences made it into a nerd, no joke! This one tinkered with computers since it was little and the interest just grew on it since then.

That could very well be the end of the story, but sadly (/s) this one has also taken quite a bit of an interest around photography and videomaking! It is usually around, taking photos of whatever peaks its interest around the city. This one has quite the way of dealing with photography though, so it might get that its art is not really for everyone.

If you're interested in its art or in a more serious webpage, please check nyaomi.xyz!


Some people say this one can talk a lot and explain things very well. It doesn't believe them one bit.
What it believes it can do (aside from being a total goofball) is computer programming.

(Computer) Languages "spoken"

Hobbies and interests

This one could describe itself as a witch who doesn't really have much going on.

Aside from computers and photography, this one's main interest is music. it loves music, and it couldn't live without it.
This one also has an interest in helping other beings out.

Where to find it?

Despite resembling an anthropomorphic cat, this one won't bite; it promises! Please come say hi!


This one has a blog where it hopes to post about techy stuff. You can reach it here.

There's a section on this website where it just posts brain dumps. Be warned: 18+ only, expect triggering stuff. You can reach it here.

nao provides an awawa translator/generator here: awawawawawawawawa.

Probably this one has other things going on (remember, this webpage is not meant to be super up to date).
Please check out its socials for more info about what it's currently doing!


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